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With summer and vacation season around the corner it’s important to get a head start with booking your pet’s overnight boarding before it gets too late. Summer reservations fill up fast, so take advantage of booking early in May.  There are many good pet resorts in Fayetteville, NC, but when you board your pet with […]

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Why Should You Board Your Dog with a Vet?

Current clients of Cape Fear Animal Hospital have the luxury of boarding their pet with their veterinarian. Boarding your dog with a veterinarian offers several key benefits. First and foremost, it ensures qualified and capable care for your pet. Veterinarians and animal hospitals are equipped with the staff and space necessary for boarding, providing peace [...]

What To Expect After Holiday Pet Boarding

You did your research. You found the perfect place to board your dog while you were out of town for the holidays. It was a place you trusted, and a place that your dog seemed comfortable in when you left. You even called during your vacation to make sure your beloved pet was okay. You […]

Why You Should Board Your Pet This Holiday Season

The most wonderful time of the year also happens to be the busiest travel season. Millions of Americans will travel between now and January for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. For many families, this is the time of the year when they must make arrangements for the care of their pets when they travel. While […]

A Cumberland Animal Hospital Q&A About Pet Boarding

Many kennels find that this time of year is their busiest for pet boarding reservations. Either pet owners are boarding their pets with their veterinarian or another local kennel choice, or they are bringing their pets on vacation with them and boarding them at their destination. Whether you are new to pet boarding during vacation […]

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Pet Boarding in the Summer Months

Summertime is the ideal traveling season for a lot of people. Many people will wait until children are out of school for the summer or until temperatures get warmer to take their vacations. For many families, when they go, they have to find a place that they can trust to board their pets. Deciding where […]

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