A Cumberland Animal Hospital Q&A About Pet Boarding

Many kennels find that this time of year is their busiest for pet boarding reservations. Either pet owners are boarding their pets with their veterinarian or another local kennel choice, or they are bringing their pets on vacation with them and boarding them at their destination. Whether you are new to pet boarding during vacation or you are looking to board your pet regularly during work hours, there are things to consider. Below is a list of questions we get most often when it comes to pet boarding.

How soon do I need to make a reservation with the kennel?

Because kennel space can fill up very quickly, especially in the summer months while school is out, and during Thanksgiving and Christmas, we ask that you call us to reserve space as far out as possible. A good rule of thumb to follow is a month in advance, but it can be longer than that. We ask that you also give us as much notice as possible when you have to cancel a pet boarding reservation.

Do I need to provide food for my pet?

No. We have food available for your pet. However, if you would like to bring your pet’s usual food, we welcome it. Sometimes when your pet stays at the kennel, especially if they have never done it before, the experience can be overwhelming at first. It is possible that your pet may have trouble eating food they have never had before. By providing your pet’s usual food, you are providing them a little piece of normalcy as well. This is why we also do not discourage pet owners from bringing in their pets favorite small toy or blanket. Having a small reminder of home can really help your pet adjust to kennel life.

What should I bring when I drop my pet off?

We ask that when you arrive with your pet for their kennel stay that you bring in a few items for us. If your pet is under the care of our veterinarian on a regular basis, then we have their medical records. If your pet is new to us, then we ask that you bring in their up-to-date vaccination records, proof of current rabies shot vaccination, any medicine they need to take and detailed instructions on how to administer them, and as was mentioned above, anything small from home that will make their time at Cumberland Animal Hospital more enjoyable.

At Cumberland Animal Hospital, we are more than happy to care for your pets when you need us to. These are only a few questions that we get asked about pet boarding, and we would love to answer any others you may have. Give Cumberland Animal Hospital a call today at (910) 822-3337.