With summer and vacation season around the corner it’s important to get a head start with booking your pet’s overnight boarding before it gets too late. Summer reservations fill up fast, so take advantage of booking early in May. 

There are many good pet resorts in Fayetteville, NC, but when you board your pet with a vet, you get many more advantages than just a nice facility. The team at Cumberland Animal Hospital is here to explain why.


When you choose a facility to board your pet, it is important to know that your pet will be well cared for. You want your four-legged family member to get attention, exercise, and play just like they would at home.

There are many benefits to pet boarding with Cumberland Animal Hospital is here to explain you may not have considered.

We can personalize the boarding experience. As your veterinary clinic, we are a team that knows your pet, their health history, and their personality. Your pet will never just be treated like any pet, but rather a member of the family.

Around the clock professionals on staff. Most boarding facilities have employees that understand the basics of pet care, whereas boarding with us, you have veterinarians and professionals who offer round-the-clock care and oversight of your pet. If your animal ever has a need for medical care, it will be provided promptly and with expertise.

Perfect place for pets with medical needs. Boarding your pet with a qualified veterinary clinic can accommodate pets with medical needs. Whether there is a need to oversee medication or a need for veterinary care, Cumberland Animal Hospital can take care of those needs while in our care.  For older, sick or injured animals, this is a large advantage over pet boarding facilities who only offer boarding.

Less risk of exposure to diseases. Many pet resorts or boarding facilities do not always require complete vaccinations and parasite preventives as your veterinary clinic. Often this can expose your pet to infectious diseases like kennel cough, parvo, etc.


The boarding facility at Cumberland Animal Hospital is a wonderful option for your pet’s well-being. We book up fast for the summer, so please feel free to call us with questions or reservations.

We encourage you to contact us at Cumberland Animal Hospital. It’s your job to keep your dog healthy and safe. Cumberland Animal Hospital’s veterinarians in Fayetteville, NC are always available to assist you. Call 910-822-3337 to schedule an appointment or ask any questions.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels