What To Expect After Holiday Pet Boarding

You did your research. You found the perfect place to board your dog while you were out of town for the holidays. It was a place you trusted, and a place that your dog seemed comfortable in when you left. You even called during your vacation to make sure your beloved pet was okay. You knew they were in good hands.

However, it surprised you when you got home with your pet and it started to act weird. It was uncomfortably clingy, had a couple of bathroom accidents, seemed to be eating way more than normal, etc. Before you start to question your choice of pet boarding facility, let our veterinary professionals at Cumberland Animal Hospital put your mind at ease. Likely, your dog’s behavior is very normal and you have nothing to worry about, especially if this was your first time pet boarding for the holidays.

When you get your pet home after pet boarding, they may not act like they normally would until they are confident that you all are in your usual routine again. If they were very active at the pet boarding facility, or if they didn’t sleep well, they may be resting a lot more than they used to for a little bit. If they seem to be eating more than they would, it may be that they are happy to be eating their usual food again if they didn’t have it while they were gone. They may have a couple of accidents using the bathroom out of excitement of being back home. They may be following you around very closely because they simply missed you.

The best thing that you can do for your pet after boarding them is to get back into your usual routine as soon as possible. Of course, if your pet is acting like they are sick, if they are vomiting uncontrollably, very lethargic, or showing any other sign that something is medically wrong, please call Cumberland Animal Hospital as soon as possible at (910) 822-3337. Otherwise, enjoy having your best furry friend back at home with you, and everything will be back to normal in no time at all.