Winter Care Suggestions

Winter can be stressful to your pet. There are things that you can o to help make winter safer you’re your pet.

Cold weather can be unhealthy for your pet. Make sure that your puppy or kitten has shelter from the wind and weather. An insulted box with bedding will help your pet to maintain appropriate body temperature.

Always provide plenty of fresh water to your pets. This allows your pets to stay well hydrated. In cold weather, you should check water supplies twice daily to make sure that the water has not frozen.

Check your pet to make sure that they have not become infested with fleas or other external parasites.

Winter weather can cause physical harm for some animals. Ice can cause falls resulting in sprains or strains and lameness or cuts.

Make sure that you use an ice melt product that is safe for animals or wipe off your pet’s feet when you come indoors.

Depending on the type of heat you use in your house, your pet may have dry skin. There are things that we recommend for you to use to prevent or treat dry skin.

During colder weather, you need to make sure that you maintain your pet at an appropriate weight. Some dogs need less food; some need more to maintain their weight. Some dogs will need protective coats during winter weather, dependant on their cold tolerance.