Tips to Avoid Visiting the Animal Hospital this Holiday Season

Unfortunately, for some, the holiday season is interrupted with Animal Hospital visits. With all the excitement, please remember to be mindful of your pets as they also enjoy the holidays. To help avoid those frustrations, we’re listing a few tips to keep your family pet safe.

1. Small Toys and Stocking Stuffers

While everyone enjoys opening gifts, it’s important to keep small items the reach of pet paws. Small toys pose choking hazards to pets just as they do small children. This is especially important with stocking stuffers as they generally contain items with small pieces. Should your animal get such an item, please don’t hesitate to visit Cumberland Animal Hospital in Fayetteville, NC.

2. Glass Decorations

Glass ornaments and decorations are beautiful. The downside is that glass breaks and shatters. Should you experience broken glass ornaments and decorations, please clean up immediately. Conduct a thorough inspection to make sure you’ve located all pieces. If at all possible, please secure your pets until all pieces have been accounted for.
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3. Table Food

It’s highly recommended to avoid feeding your pet from your plate during the holiday season. Your visitors may also be more prone to tossing your pet a health hazard. Foods containing small bones are extremely dangerous as they can get stuck in your pet’s throat. Make sure you keep a close eye on your pet during dinner. Also, make sure all discarded food is properly secured as dogs tend to get in the trash. Cumberland Animal Hospital in Fayetteville, NC is here if your dog finds itself in such a situation.

4. Kids

Kids are generally rambunctious. The holiday season can be quite exciting. Please be careful and aware of your pets. While you may be naturally aware of your pet, visitors may not. Tiny pets are easily and accidentally stepped on which could potentially lead to broken bones or other uncomfortable situations. To avoid visiting Cumberland Animal Hospital in Fayetteville, NC, please be mindful of your four-legged family member.

5. Holiday Plants

Pets are often attracted to holiday plants, just as you are. Unfortunately, some plants such as Holly, Lilies, Poinsettias, and Mistletoe are toxic to animals and pose health risks to your pets. Also, if you have a real tree, be extra cautious if your animal is large enough to knock it over.

This list is just a few examples of the dangers your pet may encounter this holiday season. The main goal is safety. We at Cumberland Animal Hospital, hope you and your full family (yes, even the humans) have a safe and wonderful holiday season.