Why Taking Your Pet to the Vet is Important!

As the sweltering heat of the summer is upon us, many dogs and cats enjoy the benefits of indoor and outdoor play. Although summer is the perfect time to appreciate outdoor activities with your pets, it is also the time of the year when issues such as flea and ticks, parasites, heat stroke and other ailments may take effect. For these reasons and many more, it is important to prepare your pet for a veterinarian visit at Cumberland Animal Hospital. In preparation for your pets vet visit, here are a few do’s and don’ts consider:


  1. Schedule a “just because” visit:


Even if there is no evident sign of trouble going on with your pet, sometimes dropping in the office to say hello, weigh in, or allow your pet to interact with our friendly staff may help to ease any anxiety or tension that your pet may have during future visits.


  1. Bring familiar items from home:


If you find that at each veterinarian visit, your pet suffers from nervousness or anxiety, try to accompany them with some familiar items such as treats or toys. By giving your pets these items on vet visits, it may allow them to become more comfortable in the unfamiliar environment. Even the bringing the blanket that they sleep with may be of some help.


  1. Properly secure your pet before their visit:


At Cumberland Animal Hospital, there may be other animals present and in our waiting room during your visit. It is extremely important to make sure that your animal is secure during this time. It can be especially nerve racking for pets when an unfamiliar animal is present. In order to avoid this, please make sure your pet is secured on a leash or in a pet carrier in order to ensure that all our visiting pets are comfortable and not threatened in their experience.


  1. Be sure to ask questions:


Is your pet displaying odd behavior? Are you unsure about which heartworm preventative to give your furry friend? Are you trying to learn methods to train your pet but don’t know where to start? Questions like these are important to the overall health and well being of your pet. Before your next vet visit, be sure to come up with a list of questions and/or concerns to ask in order to gain all the specific knowledge you may need in caring for your pet.


  1. Always be honest:


Some pet owners may be extremely embarrassed by certain pet behaviors, such as pets eating their own feces, knocking over the trash can, or becoming sexually inappropriate. However, it is imperative that pet owners be honest and open with their veterinarian in order to ensure that the best advice or diagnosis is obtained. If you as a pet owner do not agree with your vet, it is also important to ask for alternative solutions to any advice given.


Once you and your pet are fully prepared, schedule a vet visit today! You may call Cumberland Animal Hospital at 910-822-3337 or feel free to drop in to schedule an appointment at our convenient location, 1775 Pamalee Dr., Fayetteville NC.