Preventative Health Starts With Informed Dog Owners

The average lifespan of domestic dogs in the United States is between 10 and 13 years. The lifespan of your dog is determined by so many factors that you cannot control, such as breed, size, and more. Fortunately for pet owners, lifespan can also be determined by factors that can be controlled. When it comes to the health and vitality of your pet, preventative health is extremely important.

There are so many diseases and illnesses that can affect your dog. Many of these can be managed or prevented all together by preventative medicine. A great example of this is heartworm medication. At Cumberland Animal Hospital, we urge our dog owners to give their dogs a regular dose of heartworm medicine. Heartworms are devastating for dogs. They cause pain, and in many cases, death. They are also costly to get rid of. Pet owners can rid their dogs of the threat of heartworms if they give them heartworm medication on a regular basis. This is one example of essential preventative health for dogs.

Sometimes the biggest threat to the health of our pet dogs is nature itself. Fleas and ticks are constant enemies of dogs, especially the more time they spend outside. Rabies is transmitted primarily through a bite from an animal that is carrying it, like a raccoon or fox. Canine Distemper affects your dog’s respiratory, intestinal, and central nervous system. It can be caused by a bite to your dog from another animal, but it can also be caused by another infected animal sneezing too close to yours.

When you bring your dog into Cumberland Animal Hospital, the first thing we do is a well check to see how your dog is doing. We ask you questions about their diet, sleep habits and energy level. Then we recommend a course of preventative health maintenance for your dog in order to ensure that they live the longest, healthiest life they can. The vaccinations we recommend, the rabies shot we insist on, and the preventive medications we suggest are the best we can do to facilitate a healthy lifestyle that endures for your pet.

At Cumberland Animal Hospital, your pets are in good hands. If you are looking for a veterinarian that cares for your pets as much as you do, give us a call today at (910) 822-3337.