Preventative Care For Your New Pet

The holiday season is upon us. In Fayetteville, North Carolina and certainly all across the country, many kids and adults alike with wake up on Christmas morning to one very big surprise – the pet they have always wanted! There will be squeals of delight heard around the nation, as puppies and kittens are showered with instant unconditional love and affection. It will be a truly magical moment for the lucky recipients of the gift of pet companionship.

Very soon after, however, the reality will set in that along with the company of the best pet in the world, there comes a big responsibility to take good care of that pet. A million questions will race in your head about things like food, vaccines, grooming, and even a toothbrush! This is where a good veterinarian comes in.

Choosing your pets veterinarian can be just as important as choosing their name. Ideally, you want your veterinarian to be with you throughout the duration of your pets life. You want to choose a veterinarian who is well experienced in the care of animals. Your veterinarian should be knowledgeable about the proper care of your specific animal. You want a veterinarian who will be able to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Once you settle on your veterinarian, they will have you come in for a first time appointment. When it comes to pets, you do not want to wait until you suspect something is wrong with them to take them to the vet for the first time. You will want to establish preventive care when you first take them in. Many ailments and health issues with pets can be avoided entirely with established preventive care.

Your veterinarian will discuss with you what types of food are appropriate for your pet, a vaccine schedule, including regularly scheduled rabies shots, proper hygiene including pet friendly shampoos and dental items, the best medications to prevent fleas, heartworms and other pests, and all other matters relative to your new animal friend.

At Cumberland Animal Hospital, we are very excited that you have found a forever friend in your pet. We would love to be a regular part of that relationship! Our professional staff is dedicated to the well-being of your pet. Give us a call at (910)822-3337 to schedule your first appointment with a veterinarian today!