Spring is such a beautiful time of year in North Carolina. The sun rises earlier and sets later, it becomes warmer; flowers begin to bloom and the grass turns green.

However, as those of us who live here know, it means it is time for pollen or what North Carolinians refer to as “the pollening”. In addition to that, there is a rise in temperature and humidity, and the biting insects return. The beauty of spring comes at a cost to us as humans but can also affect our beloved pets. It is important to remember how to keep your pet safe.


Pollen, mold spores, and dander are common sources of allergies for both people and pets. These allergens are unavoidable in North Carolina and are in abundance in the springtime.

Similar to humans, some dogs and cats get congestion and watery eyes; however, it is more common for a pet to develop skin issues from an allergy. For mild symptoms, it is recommended to try antihistamines and giving pets baths with hypoallergenic shampoo. For more severe allergies there are stronger medications we can prescribe your pet to help make them more comfortable during this time of year.


In the spring we all enjoy the warmer weather, however, there is also a risk of overheating for some animals. Pets who are overweight or have thick coats are most at risk of overheating when out for walks or outside. You also have to remember to crack windows when traveling in the car and not leaving animals for a period of time in your vehicle.

Make sure to have fresh, cool water for your pet available. When taking walks, make sure to check the asphalt for temperature as it can be rough on the footpads as well and it is better to do walks in the morning or evening when the road may be cooler.


Certain insects never actually leave for the winter. They may appear to go away but they are always present. As the weather becomes warmer, they do; however, become more prevalent.

Mosquitos while annoying are also harmful to our pets as they are the way that dogs acquire heartworms through mosquito bites. Fleas are also equally annoying to mosquitos, but not as harmful. Ticks are the other springtime insect that comes about and they can bring some harmful diseases.  It is important to keep your pet on a heartworm and flea/tick prevention medication throughout the year. 

There are other insects that come out in the spring, such as yellowjackets and other bees.  Yellowjackets like to burrow in the ground and can be dangerous to dogs who like to explore or dig.


In the warm season, you may be frequenting the park and interacting with other animals.  Before you start spending more time at dog parks or join other fun pet activities in the neighborhood, make sure your pets have gotten their shots and are protected from infectious diseases.

Our veterinarian provides comprehensive wellness care pet services to safely keep your pet healthy and active this spring. We encourage you to contact us at Cumberland Animal Hospital. It’s your job to keep your dog healthy and safe. Cumberland Animal Hospital’s veterinarians in Fayetteville, NC are always available to assist you. Call 910-822-3337 to schedule an appointment or ask any questions.