Spring in North Carolina means many storms. Storms can be a top cause of anxiety for your pet, and if you are close to Fort Bragg, the booms of artillery that sound much like thunder can bring just as much panic to your pet. As many as 30% of all dogs in the US are terrified by thunderstorms.

When storms happen, pets do not always understand where the noise comes from. They tremble, pant, pace, whine, or paw at their owner. In some cases, dogs may make efforts to escape.

As storm season has arrived in North Carolina, follow these tips to help ease your pet’s fear.


Create a safe place for your dog to go during a storm.  When a dog is afraid, he or she goes to where it feels the most safe. That may be your bed, a kennel, the closet, or under a blanket.

Keep yourself calm.  It is important that you remain calm during a storm and not create too much of a fuss. Animals feed off of their human’s energy. You can distract your dog from the noise by playing with him or just sitting on the couch and watching a movie.  

ThunderShirt – For some pets, a ThunderShirt or similar product helps for storms. This tight shirt is similar to swaddling a baby as it wraps around the dog and applies gentle pressure. For some dogs, it can be soothing.

Try music, tv or white noise – For some pets, it has been said that supplementing the noise from the storms with classical music or other music, TV or white noise can help to distract and calm pets.

Cumberland Animal Hospitals veterinarians for help.  At Cumberland Animal Hospital we have experience helping pets who have anxiety during storms. We have had amazing success with anti-anxiety medications that are highly effective and safe.

Our veterinarian provides comprehensive wellness care pet services to safely keep your pet healthy and active this spring.  We encourage you to contact us at the Cumberland Animal Hospital. It’s your job to keep your dog healthy and safe. Cumberland Animal Hospital’s veterinarians in Fayetteville, NC are always available to assist you. Call 910-822-3337 to schedule an appointment or ask any questions.