The main responsibility of being a pet owner is to keep your furry companion happy and healthy. Grooming is an essential part of caring for your pet.

Want to know how to make a dog’s coat shiny? The team of Veterinarians at Cumberland Animal Hospital will explain with a 3-step guide you could stick by to keep your pet’s fur shiny and healthy.


Just like humans, pets need to bathe regularly. However, they don’t have to be bathed every single day. Doing it too often can strip their natural oils, which is what makes their fur shiny, and can damage their skin. The frequency of bathing can depend on age, activity level, breed, and skin type. It is best to speak with your vet to know the ideal number of baths your pet needs per week.

Normally, puppies require to be bathed at least once a month. For adult dogs, it’s usually once a week or less. Cats, on the other hand, are self-grooming, which means they rarely need to bathe. However, if your cat doesn’t seem to groom itself, you’ll need to bathe it more often. No matter what, consulting a vet first is the safest way to go.


Regular brushing is another way to keep your pet’s fur in good shape. Brushing helps to energize a pet’s skin and promote the growth of their hair follicles. It is important to find the right brush that matches the breed and fur type of your pet. If your dog is shedding a lot, it may be best to get a de-shedding brush so you can keep your pet’s fur looking well-groomed and healthy.

When it comes to cats, regular brushing also helps their fur. Brushing your cat can help spread the natural oils they produce from their skin, which can increase the shininess of their coat. It can also reduce hairballs if their fur is brushed regularly.


Equally important to taking care of your pet’s skin from the outside, is taking care of its fur from the inside. The way to do this is by giving your pet a high quality diet that is complete with the nutrients needed. When choosing your pet’s food, make sure to pay close attention to the ingredients on the label. Of course, if you have any questions about the nutrients needed for your pet or what is best for its fur, you can always consult your vet.

When it comes to dogs, it is recommended to feed them food rich in omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 for optimal health, which includes having healthy hair or coat. For cats, foods that are rich in omega-12 and omega-6 would be best to make their fur shiny and healthy.


Whether you are a dog or cat owner (or both) and no matter their age, breed, size, or personality – it is natural to want them to be at their healthiest and look their best. The healthier your pets are, the happier they are. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to involve the veterinarians at The Cumberland Animal Hospital in every decision you make for your pet, including their food and grooming.

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