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Our pets are a part of our family and, just like people, they can sometimes suffer from conditions that require immediate emergency intervention. Often, it is hard to understand what our pets need or how they are feeling when they are not at their best. However, it is our responsibility to notice when something is […]

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How to Prevent Pet Emergencies

As a pet owner, you know that pets have a way of finding mischief or sickness when it is least convenient – in the middle of the night or during a weekend or holiday. In order to avoid paying emergency vet fees from going to the vet during those times, it is important to learn […]

COVID-19 and Pet Health & Animal Care

If you have pets, you probably think of them as part of your family. When they are sick or injured, you take them to the animal hospital and urgent care the same way you would for any other family member. As such, you’re probably following the news to try to learn more about how you [...]

When Should You Seek Emergency Care For Your Pet

Many times when there is a medical emergency with your pet, you will know it. They may have been bitten by another animal, or in an accident of some sort. You know they need to be see by their veterinarian in those situations. When your pet is not acting like themselves, it can be hard […]

Urgent Care For Your Pets

The summer months can be dangerous months for your pets. Dogs and cats that spend a significant amount of time outside without enough water could overheat and suffer from heat stroke. Pets who are able to wander outside may find themselves bitten by snakes or poisonous spiders, although relatively rare as spiders may find it […]

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