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Choosing the Right Veterinarian in Fayetteville NC

In today’s household, our pets are more than just furry friends or background characters. Today, our pets are our families just as much as anyone in the home! Cumberland Animal Hospital in Fayetteville, NC understands that you love your pets, and so our caring veterinarians treat them just like family. With summer coming up, have […]

Why You Should Board Your Pet This Holiday Season

The most wonderful time of the year also happens to be the busiest travel season. Millions of Americans will travel between now and January for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. For many families, this is the time of the year when they must make arrangements for the care of their pets when they travel. While […]

Preventative Health Starts With Informed Dog Owners

The average lifespan of domestic dogs in the United States is between 10 and 13 years. The lifespan of your dog is determined by so many factors that you cannot control, such as breed, size, and more. Fortunately for pet owners, lifespan can also be determined by factors that can be controlled. When it comes […]

Urgent Care For Your Pets

The summer months can be dangerous months for your pets. Dogs and cats that spend a significant amount of time outside without enough water could overheat and suffer from heat stroke. Pets who are able to wander outside may find themselves bitten by snakes or poisonous spiders, although relatively rare as spiders may find it […]

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Pet Boarding in the Summer Months

Summertime is the ideal traveling season for a lot of people. Many people will wait until children are out of school for the summer or until temperatures get warmer to take their vacations. For many families, when they go, they have to find a place that they can trust to board their pets. Deciding where […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer

Summer in Fayetteville can be fun, but the weather can make for a challenging time for our pets. When the weather starts getting hot, we understand pet safety is one of your priorities. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when enjoying the summer with your pet! Locked Cars:The first thing you need to […]

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