Your Pet And The Importance of Heartworm Prevention

Every year, many pet owners are horrified to hear from their veterinarians that their pet has developed heartworms. This parasite can wreak havoc on a pet, destroying their lungs and other organs, causing heart failure, and in some cases, leading to death. Most veterinarians urge pet owners when their pets are very young to begin […]

Veterinarian Help for Allergic Pets

Now that autumn is here in North Carolina, you may find yourself battling seasonal allergies from tree pollen and other allergens in nature. Did you know that our pets also battle allergies? While most pet allergies are not caused by airborne allergens, allergies in dogs and cats are quite common. Perhaps your pet has been […]

Fall Safety Tips for Your Furry Friend!

Summer is coming to an end soon and fall will upon us! You and your pet may be looking forward to a break for the Carolina heat, and enjoy the cool walks in the morning. But as the weather starts to cool down and the snow heads our way, you’ll want to make sure to […]

Why Taking Your Pet to the Vet is Important!

As the sweltering heat of the summer is upon us, many dogs and cats enjoy the benefits of indoor and outdoor play. Although summer is the perfect time to appreciate outdoor activities with your pets, it is also the time of the year when issues such as flea and ticks, parasites, heat stroke and other […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer

Summer in Fayetteville can be fun, but the weather can make for a challenging time for our pets. When the weather starts getting hot, we understand pet safety is one of your priorities. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when enjoying the summer with your pet! Locked Cars:The first thing you need to […]

Crate Training

Introducing the crate When you take your crate home, place it in a location that is convenient to the door, but is not totally isolated. Your puppy should feel included in your daily activities, even when he confined to the crate. Once in place, put some toys and treats in the crate and encourage him […]

Summer Care Suggestions

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your pet, but your pet can also suffer from heat-related health problems. Here are some tips to keep things cool for the summer. Watch for signs of heatstroke. Rapid panting, hot skin, twitching muscles, and lethargy can be signs of heat stress or heat stroke. […]

Guinea Pig Care

Guinea Pigs are a prey species, meaning that sudden movements and loud noises can startle them, and stress them out.  I recommend that you handle your guinea pig every day. This should be done gently and on a surface where they cannot get away and hurt themselves. (Ie not on a table or high in […]


At the first new puppy visit a general health exam is done on the pup along with whatever vaccines, fecal etc the puppy is due for. Also everything from crate training, heartworms and prevention, to teaching owners how to restrain/train their pups to handle common occurrences they will face throughout their life (like ear cleaning, […]

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